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    Psychedelic, Jazz & Originals


  • Paradise Bill upcoming shows. We will be performing at El Golfo Restaurant in Takoma Park, Md. on Sat. Aug. 7th from 6pm to 8:30pm. A small cover will be charged at the door.


    We will also be performing at the Silver Spring Civic Center for their Twilight Tues. performance series on Aug. 10th from 6pm until 8:30pm.


    Paradise Bill has changed our line up during the pandemic.

    Current Band Members are

    Renee Moyer, Lead Vocals

    Lee Cathey, Guitar and Vocals

    David Hubbard, Bass, Vocals and Songwriter

    Michael Bohman, Keys, Flute, Sax and Songwriter

    Ian Dylan Paiewonsky, Drums and Keys


    Alumni members

    Randall Luttenberg

    & Mark Mullis


    Paradise Bill invites guest singers to perform at our concerts. We hope to have Randall Luttenberg back in the future to sing with us,


    The recordings on the site are with the original cast of Paradise Bill.

    New recordings are coming soon!





    Renee Moyer

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    Our new lead singer, Renee is from McLean, Va. She joined us in April 2021. She has been a singer and actress in the D.C. area for many years. We Welcome her to Paradise Bill.

    Lee Cathey

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    Lee was playing bass last year, but now we have switched and he is playing guitar for Paradise Bill.

    Michael Bohman

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    Michael is the heart of Paradise Bill. He plays keys, sax and flute. Michael is an original member and songwriter.

    David Hubbard

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    I have switched to playing bass during the pandemic. I also write original songs for Paradise Bill and do some singing.

    Gary Davies

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    My brother in-law and our new drummer

  • Shadows on the Moon

  • Road Zombies

  • You Can't Stop Time by David Hubbard 2020

  • Mr. Jolly by David Hubbard 2020

  • Take A Breath by Michael Bohman and Randall Luttenberg

    photo of Mark Mullis

  • Hold On by David Hubbard 2020

    Sung by Randall Luttenberg

  • Samurai Pipeline by David Hubbard 2020

    Sung by Randall Luttenberg

  • Hymn for Gaia by David Hubbard

        Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

  • Avalanche by David Hubbard

    Thanks to Michael and Mark for their help on this new song.

  • The Riddle


    Try and solve the RIDDLE. This is a drone / dream song.

  • Imagination

    Thanks to Lee Cathey and Mark Mullis for their contributions to this song during pandemic.

  • Follow Me Home

    This is the first song in a war trilogy

  • The Fires of War

    This is the second song in the War trilogy. Thanks to Bob Lash for his vocal contribution.

  • Live Recordings

    Paradise Bill at Silver Spring town center.

    From left David Hubbard, Randall Luttenberg, Michael Bohman, Mark Mullis and Lee Cathey.

    "Hold On" Live at El Golfo Restaurant

    We added Renee Moyer as our lead singer in 2021

    Renee Moyer singing "Hold On"

  • Aftermath is the third song in the War trilogy

    Thanks to Michael Bohman for the beautiful sax part.

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